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Gilded Age Game Show

This meticulously crafted game ensures a fun-filled experience and serves as a comprehensive review tool. Whether you’re studying for US history or simply looking to brush up on your US History knowledge, this game is the perfect companion.

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Gilded Age US History Test

This is a two-page Articles of Confederation handout with different primary sources and questions to answer. This makes a nice supplement, homework, or activity after learning about the Articles of Confederation.

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Immigration during the Gilded Age

Enhance your teaching with this Gilded Age Lesson! Students will Jigsaw different readings about different immigrant experiences during the Gilded Age. There are a cartoon activity and a PowerPoint and journal assignment. This is a full 55-minute lesson! Not only will this lesson lead your students to master critical thinking skills, but it will make your life much easier. What are you waiting for? Add it to your cart to make this year a breeze.

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