Honestly, assessments are a part of education that teachers and students do not enjoy. For teachers, assessments are often an indicator of their teaching without considering outside factors. If students have a terrible day, their results will often show this. For students, their anxiety negatively impacts their scores. However, assessments are vital to holding teachers and students accountable for learning in the classroom. Luckily, it is possible to help students overcome testing anxiety and make preparation enjoyable! With Digital AP US Government Exams and Paper Government Exams, students will feel confident showcasing their learning.

ap us government exams

 Digital AP US Government Exams

This is the perfect unit to accelerate and engage your AP Government and Politics students! Since the AP US Government Exam is digital, it works for students learning at home or in the classroom with individual devices. 

There are 8 editable Socrative review games to keep students focused the entire time. Specifically, the games cover constitutional foundations, the executive branch, the judicial branch, Congress, and civil liberties and rights. Furthermore, students will review political behavior, public opinion, political parties, interest groups, elections, the media, and bureaucracy. Students will be thankful for such extensive reviews! 

Best of all, students receive instant feedback on the quizzes. All of the multiple-choice questions are self-grading! Thus, teachers won’t spend hours grading, and students immediately know how they did.

Paper Government Exams

The rigorous exams within these courses make sure students understand the U.S. Government! There are 8 exams modeled after the AP exam with stimulus and free-response questions. Therefore, there are over 30 multiple choice questions! Honestly, these unit tests will help take your teaching a step higher. Students will be thankful for the rigor in your classroom. 

ap us government exams

Teacher Benefits 

The AP US Government Exams will make the lives of teachers a bit easier. As a secondary Social Studies teacher, I truly understand the lack of high-quality resources. On top of that, secondary teachers have a multitude of preps. Thus, teachers can begin each day already feeling drained and exhausted. Hence, all offered products will significantly help reduce your prep time. Also, every product within the file is ready-to-go and organized. Thankfully, you won’t have to spend hours searching different files to find what you are looking for. Furthermore, all of the products are comprehensive and driven by proven results. To do this, I use all of these products in my classroom. Additionally, I provide FREE updates and added lesson plans to reflect the current needs of students.

Honestly, it can be hard to keep high school students focused and engaged. They need lessons that hold their attention and activities they enjoy completing. Thankfully, the Digital AP US Government Exams and Paper Government Exams are rigorous while meeting the needs of students. They will enjoy checking their understanding with these exams! 

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