I have been trying to wrap my head around how to give tests with some students all virtual and some students in person. Socrative is my solution!

What is Socrative program?

Socrative is a determinative assessment tool that helps teachers and learners to evaluate understanding and progress in real-time in class through the use of games, queries, and reflection inquiries.

How does it work?

Socrative is accessed via website or app, with separate apps for teachers and students. The tool is very easy to use. The teacher’s home page is clean, showing the six available features, most notably Quiz, Quick Question and Exit Ticket. Teachers click on a feature to launch it in class. Learners type in the room name and provide their answers which you can view at once. To get started using Socrative, simply register for a Socrative Teacher account. Your Socrative account will work with other Socrative Apps and via all browsers at Socrative.com. Students can connect to your unique room by opening their apps or joining your room at socrative.com on any device.

Want digital self-grading tests?

I spent dozens of hours of typing my existing AP Exam tests into the program and want to offer this amazing program to you at half price for 48 hours!

Accelerate and engage your AP Government and Politics students’ with this online distance learning Unit Tests! This product contains 8 Editable and Self-Grading Socrative tests that are sure to engage your students. The government bundle is sure to lead your students to success and engage them in the content. Perfect for distance learning!

What does this product contain?

This product contains 8 ONLINE Socrative review games that you can use as-is or edit and make your own. It self-grades each exam so you don’t need to grade any of the Multiple Choice and they can take them online!

Get Self-graded AP US Government Exams Now—> https://passionforsocialstudies.com/product/ap-government-distance-learning-self-graded-unit-tests/

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