Sociology is such a fun class to teach in high school. Since students love to be social, they love learning the reason behind interactions. No matter the topic, they are often eager to share and talk about their experiences. So, it is essential to have exciting lessons and activities to support this eagerness to learn. Similarly, it is important to have a strong Sociology review to ensure all students understand the content. Thankfully, the Sociology Review Games and Sociology Projects ensure students have material that supports their learning. There is even a Sociology Teacher Training to help teachers plan and prepare an incredible course! Students will love Sociology with the help of these resources. 

Sociology Review

Sociology Review Games 

Games are the perfect way to excite students during a review! They love to be competitive, so they become fully immersed in the content. Thankfully, there are 10 editable Socrative games ready for your students. This includes various content, such as social stratification, race and ethnicity, and gender. There are even games over crime, deviance, and education. 

Students will be sure to feel proud of their success after playing. 

Sociology Teacher Training 

Teachers work so hard to ensure students love learning. However, preparing thought-provoking, engaging lessons takes a lot of trial and error. Thankfully, this training course covers best practices on how to deliver Sociology instruction! This includes proper pacing, course organization, current events, projects, and Socratic discussions. Additionally, it contains an interactive research project, video tutorials, and a syllabus. On top of this, teachers receive access to a private Facebook group for collaboration and email support directly from me. 

Sociology Projects 

Students love projects! They allow them to express their thoughts, do their own research, and put something together they are proud of. Thankfully, these projects provide the perfect Sociology review. 

There are 13 engaging projects, all containing editable, easy-to-follow directions. Many even include rubrics for easy grading. The projects allow students to explore essential concepts, such as education, gender, socialization, social and racial stratification, and crime. There is even an introduction to Sociology unit and a final project. 

sociology projects

Students will love learning Sociology concepts with these projects! 

Resource Benefits 

Whenever purchasing my resources, there are many added benefits. One of the most important ones involves all of the FREE updates. This is needed as learning strategies evolve each year. 

Additionally, I know how stressed teachers are. There are so many daily challenges and little time to get everything done. Therefore, lesson plans and required resources are ready to go. Furthermore, the organization of each resource is impeccable for easy planning. You can also contact me for email support if you have any questions.

There are so many fascinating and essential concepts to learn in Sociology. Luckily, students love discussing the reasons behind different interactions, so they are excited to learn. Students will gain much insight into key concepts with these Sociology review activities.

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