Honestly, any organization dealing with policymaking has endless challenges. This is because one policy is never going to please everyone. However, it is essential that students understand that people collaborate and compromise to do what they perceive is best for individuals. So, when teaching the bureaucracy, it is essential that students understand this. Thankfully, the Bureaucracy Project and Bureaucracy Lesson provide a fantastic way for students to dive into the intricacies. 

teaching the bureaucracy

Bureaucracy Project 

You will accelerate and engage your government students with this incredible project! 

Students will select a regulatory agency or commission. Then, they will discuss its creation and what it hopes to accomplish. Students will even explain how it contributes to the functions of the U.S. Government and its role within the executive branch. Additionally, they will explore how it benefits the public, whether this is directly or indirectly. Students will love having a say over their selected agency as they dive deep and critically analyze their findings. 

This resource includes the project assignment, lesson plan, and rubric. While teachers can edit anything, they don’t have to! Whether implementing as is or making a few tweaks, students will love learning how the U.S. Government operates. 

Bureaucracy Lesson 

Teaching the bureaucracy will be a fantastic unit with this lesson! Students will learn all about bureaucracy and how this works in the U.S. Government. 

Specifically, students will explore how the president, congress, and federal courts supervise the bureaucracy. So, they will see each individual or group’s specific roles and responsibilities. Afterward, they will explore the Iron Triangle and how many individuals have to work together. Each activity ensures students understand the checks and balances within the U.S. Government. Additionally, students see different interactions among agencies, individuals, and organizations. 

Thankfully, this resource is all no-prep. There is a notes handout, PowerPoint, activity, lesson plan, and answer key! Everything is also editable to customize it to each classroom. 

teaching the bureaucracy

Teaching the Bureaucracy Resource Benefits 

Whenever purchasing my resources, there are many added benefits. One of the most important ones involves all of the FREE updates. This is needed as learning strategies evolve each year. 

Additionally, I know how stressed teachers are. There are so many daily challenges and little time to get everything done. Therefore, lesson plans and required resources are ready to go. Furthermore, the organization of each resource is impeccable for easy planning. If you ever do have any questions, you can also reach out to me for email support. 

government lessons

Teaching the bureaucracy is such an essential topic for students. It is imperative they learn different roles within the U.S. Government and how different agencies and offices work together. Thankfully, the Bureaucracy Project and Bureaucracy Lesson make this topic hands-on, student-led, and interactive! Students will love learning about the U.S. Government with these resources. 

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