• The best tip/trick I know is to choose 2 or 3 new things (nothing more) and learn those. Don’t try to do everything all at one time. Also: It’s not impossible, it’s just new. Be mindful of not overwhelming students with technology tools!
  • Set your class rules (just like you would do in person)- on time, mute yourself, how to ask a question, etc. Digital citizenship lessons should be embedded into all students’¬†learning experiences.
  • Create one zoom link for each subject with a reoccurring meeting with no set date and time. Post it once at the start of the year to your Google classroom material post.
  • Try messaging services like Remind / Class Dojo and keep messages short and sweet. Many students and families will receive smartphone communication more consistently and quickly than email.
  • Get a Google Voice number if you need to call people from your home phone or cell. It’s free and calls are directed to your cell without them having your personal number. Plus it keeps a log of all calls.

How do you set up Google Classroom?

  • Unclog your feed- just use it for announcements. Turn off classroom stream notifications in settings and get them in the habit of going to the classwork tab.
  • Post for the week then moves week assignments to organized units or topics! (See organization image below)
  • Get the kids in a habit of going to the classwork tab and turning work in, I am telling them I am only grading “turned in” work!

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