Government is a challenging class but often a favorite among students. They love to see how people make laws, how the president handles tasks, and how the different branches divide responsibilities. However, the United States has so many complexities, so there is a lot to remember. Thankfully, there are fantastic resources for AP Government review! These will be sure to have students ready and confident when it is time for government unit exams! 

government unit exams

Government Unit Exams 

Whenever giving an assessment, it is vital that it measures essential standards. Luckily, these 8 Government unit exams do exactly that! There are 30+ multiple-choice questions modeled after the AP exam with stimulus questions and one free-response question. These exams will be sure to analyze the rigorous and comprehensive curriculum while providing insight into where students need practice. 

Government Jeopardy Bundle 

Students love to play games! So, immerse them in the world of the US Government with an engaging and interactive game. Each category surrounds essential aspects of the US government, such as Constitutional Foundations and the Legislative, Executive, and Judicial Branches. Additionally, there are categories for political participation, political ideologies, bureaucracy, and civil liberties. Students will have such a thorough review with this game! 

The format of the game is perfect for cooperative group work, which students must practice before entering the real world. As the class plays, groups collaborate, share their thoughts, and test their knowledge. Secretly, teachers will identify areas for improvement, see who is struggling, and where to extend learning. The game even keeps score to ensure teachers can focus on the learning. 

AP Government Review Games 

Since games are always a favorite activity among students, it is crucial to have several handy. Thankfully, this resource includes PowerPoint Jeopardy and Quizlet links to 27 sets of flashcard games. Additionally, there is a BINGO game on the branches of government, Password Vocabulary, and Heads Up. By having multiple options, students will always have exciting ways to review throughout the entire course. This is a great way to ensure there are activities ready that students love while providing insight into their learning! 

AP Government Self-Graded Exams 

Grading takes a lot of time. Thankfully, these self-grading government unit exams take care of that. There are 8 editable Socrative tests that all automatically grade. So, it is a fantastic way to quickly understand what students know and what they need help with. Ultimately, these government review exams will allow students to gain insight into their learning while providing important lesson feedback for teachers. 

Since our government impacts everyone’s lives, students need a strong understanding. However, there is a lot to learn! So, having engaging and interactive government lessons is vital. Thankfully, these resources provide several ideas and government unit exams! Preparing for such an important course will be less stressful with the help of these activities! 

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