Honestly, it is fascinating to see how far the United States has come throughout its rich history. This is the case for political and social reforms. Many changes during the first two decades of the 20th century have significantly transformed our lives today. Due to this, students are often eager for Progressivism lesson plans. They are always excited to see how the United States advanced and industrialized. Luckily, there are amazing Progressivism lessons to ensure students learn the advancements and complexities. 

progressivism lesson plans

Progressive Reform Lesson

This is the perfect activity to add to your Progressivism lesson plans. Teach the challenges faced by the Gilded Age! Students will travel through the intricacies of the different reforms with the help of various activities. This includes note-taking exercises and a historical analysis to show a deeper level of understanding. Students will be so excited and curious as they study Progressivism lessons. 

Progressive President Lesson 

The presidents during the Gilded Age faced many challenges. Thankfully, this lesson plan guides students through who the presidents were and what they experienced. This occurs through Google Slides, notes, a Venn diagram activity, and a video. Students will be fascinated to learn about the challenges presidents experienced during Progressivism lessons. 

progressivism lesson plans

Imperialism, Progressivism, and World War I Game Show

Students love to play games! So, incorporating a game show with Progressivism lesson plans is the perfect combination. This meticulously crafted game ensures students have a fun-filled experience while reviewing essential material. 

History games

The Gilded Age Immigration: Comprehensive and Engaging Activities

Students often learn best through hands-on, engaging activities. Thankfully, this resource does exactly that! Students will unpack the complexities of immigration during the Gilded Age through incredible activities. This includes interactive gallery walks and comprehensive notes. Students will even analyze policy! 

The Gilded Age and Progressivism Project

It is so important for students to show what they have learned throughout a unit. So, when learning about the Gilded Age and Progressivism, this is the perfect standards-aligned project. Students will review Progressivism with Slides and notes before beginning a 2-day project. Seeing students analyze reforms that changed the United States will be fascinating. 

US History lessons

Unit 6: Progressivism, Imperialism, and World War I Unit

Students will love learning about a period that significantly transformed our lives. Thankfully, this unit has everything students need when learning about Progressivism, Imperialism, and WWI. Students will master complex critical thinking skills through 17 days of lessons. They will work on activities, cooperate group activities, stations, reading passages, games, videos, and assessments. Students will deeply understand essential information with this unit! 

There is so much to cover in Progressivism lessons. However, this is great due to the amount of reforms and improvements the United States has undergone. Thankfully, all of the above lessons will be amazing ways to excite and engage every student in your classroom!

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