As teachers are busy planning for a new year, the to-do list is never-ending. While the beginning of the year is exciting, it is always very stressful. Teachers know that if the course begins boring, students will not be excited about the class. Then, their attention decreases, and they are not learning the needed information. Thankfully, that will not be a problem with the Introduction to Sociology course! Students will love every minute of Sociology with these thought-provoking lessons

Introduction to Sociology 

This course ensures students have a thorough introduction to essential concepts and basics of Sociology. Every unit provides hands-on ways for students to apply knowledge while thinking critically about the material. Additionally, there are various media aspects to incorporate student interests. There are also larger projects for students to demonstrate their learning. Honestly, your life will be easier with this amazing unit, and students will love this course. 

introduction to sociology

Curriculum Components 

The Introduction to Sociology course contains 20 complete lesson plans! To ensure students remain engaged, there are various teaching strategies included. Specifically, this includes hands-on activities with all materials needed to implement, worksheets, Ted Talks, PowerPoints, and YouTube clips. There are even assessments with answer keys. 

Essentially, the lesson plans focus on four main topics. This includes an introduction to sociology and empathy in addition to Sociological Imagination. Furthermore, there is a focus on understanding the sociological perspective project and an introduction to an assessment. Within each lesson, there are clear objectives on what students will focus on. This ranges from understanding what sociology is to sociological perspectives and theories. Students will even learn about famous sociologists. 

sociology course


Students need more than just paper and pencil assessments. They need time to showcase their learning. Thus, there are two projects within the lessons. This includes one on sociological theories and an intergrade project. Students will love being able to show their learning while teachers will love to see a class of focused faces. 

Teacher Benefits to the Introduction to Sociology

Teachers spend so much of their own money on lessons, resources, and class decor. As a teacher, I understand how difficult it is to buy a resource and find it is not high-quality. Luckily, that will not be the case with this resource! 

Not only does this resource contain amazing lessons that hold the attention of students, it includes many benefits for teachers. For instance, all files have an amazing organization for easy access. There is a lesson plan pacing calendar to help guide you during lesson planning. Additionally, all links are within the files to avoid teachers wasting time searching the web. Furthermore, there are FREE updates to this purchase to best meet the needs of students. Ultimately, the lessons are teacher-created and driven by proven results by someone with years of experience!

sociological perspective

All teachers want students to enjoy being in the classroom. However, the main focus is that students are truly learning. Thankfully, the Introduction to Sociology accomplishes both! Students love the lessons while teachers love knowing their students are deeply learning the material. 

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