Introduction to Sociology Lessons

Students love to be social! However, they also love to see how people interact with each other. This is exactly why sociology is such a popular course! Students love to study the driving forces behind socialization and the meaning behind interactions. Thankfully, there are many amazing activities to incorporate during introduction to sociology lessons. This is essential as students need strong foundational information. Luckily, the Famous Sociologists Lesson and Sociology Theories Lesson help students learn in hands-on ways!

Introduction to Sociology Lesosns

Famous Sociologists Lesson 

There are so many fascinating sociologists to learn about! Thankfully, this resource has everything students need in one activity. 

Students will begin by hearing about some famous sociologists and their impact on sociology. Then, students will explore each sociologist and complete a handout with a partner. After, students will deep drive into C Wright Mills and The Sociological Imagination. This provides the needed context to begin the Famous Sociologist Resume project. Students will love sharing the accomplishments of their sociologist with a small group. 

Introduction to Sociology Lessons

Since it can be hard to keep information about so many people straight, this project ensures there are hands-on activities. Students get to work together, share, discuss, and collaborate. Honestly, this is a fantastic way to get them to think critically during introduction to sociology lessons! 

This quick-to-implement project will be a student favorite! Everything teachers need is within this resource! There is a lesson overview, Google Slides, handouts, project details, and rubrics.

Sociology Theories Lesson 

Honestly, sociology theories drive introduction to sociology lessons. They are an essential component in understanding how people interact with each other. However, all the theories can become confusing and hard to keep straight. Thankfully, this resource helps ensure that does not happen! 

There are many activities for students to gain a deep understanding of the different perspectives. This includes a brief review of sociological perspectives before discussing the functions and dysfunctions of a specific social group. Both of these aspects allow students to apply their knowledge of perspectives as they prepare to dive even deeper. 

Sociology Theories Lesson

After the perspective review, students will begin by watching a video on social theories. Then, they will get into small groups and create a presentation on a specific theory. This includes a definition, the history and influencer, examples, critics and criticism, and seeing the theory in action. Students will love working on this project and be eager to share it with the class! 

Resource Benefits 

Whenever purchasing my resources, there are many added benefits. One of the most important ones involves all of the FREE updates. This is needed as learning strategies evolve each year. 

Additionally, I know how stressed teachers are. There are so many daily challenges and little time to get everything done. Therefore, lesson plans and required resources are ready to go. Furthermore, all of the materials are pre-organized into folders. This means you will not have to search for what you need. All videos and links required are within the resource for easy planning. If you ever do have any questions, you can also reach out to me for email support. 

Theories Project and Lesson

Honestly, many students will say sociology is the best course they’ve taken! However, this puts a lot of pressure on teachers to keep finding and designing fun and hands-on activities. This is why the Famous Sociologists and Sociology Theories are perfect in introduction to sociology lessons! Students will love learning this foundational information! 

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