I don’t know about you, but I am sick of calling out sick! Sick has hit my family between the stomach bug, mysterious baby rashes, flu, and teething fevers. I have missed so many school days that I am about to run out of sick days. Just take a sick day as a teacher. I have no idea what will happen if I need more days! My students are spreading sicknesses like wildfires between the flu and stomach bug. How are you making out with sickness in your family and school?

Take a sick day as a teacher

​What do I use as emergency sub plans when I take a sick day as a teacher?

I use these amazing videos as emergency sub plans for my classes. I use these videos with my government classes, this Spent video with my econ class, The Century America’s Time with my US classes, and What Would You Do for my sociology classes. What do you use for emergency sub plans?

​Here are some more teacher time savers if you are feeling sick! AP Exams bundle with each exam consisting of 30+ stimulus questions and a free-response question. Personal Finance Quizzes that allow for digital SELF-grading exams. Sociology final project that makes senioritis less impactful! ​

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