Teaching the U.S. Homefront during World War II

Engage your students as you get them up and moving with these US Homefront stations! Your students will analyze the teaching of the US homefront during World War II and think critically about them as they move from station to station. Don’t miss out on one of my best sellers that will surely help your students in your US History classes!

How US homefront during World War II stations work?

✅Print the stations out (I recommend printing each station out on a different color) ✅In groups, students carry their handout from station-to-station

✅There are 5 stations

✅Leave a bit of time for discussion at the end!

✅File the stations away in organized folders for next year.

How will this product help me

  • No prep (print and go!)
  • Editable / adaptable
  • FREE updates: I teach this course every year and update my plans
  • Email support directly from me
  • Teacher created and tested by someone with 13 years of experience
  • Optimized for 50-minute lessons but adaptable to your schedule

US homefront during World War II Stations Included:   

⇒ Station 1: Rationing and food during the war     ⇒ Station 2: African Americans     ⇒ Station 3: Women during the war    ⇒ Station 4: Japanese Americans    ⇒ Station 5: Advertisements from the Homefront

Still need some convincing?

As a secondary Social Studies teacher, I truly understand the lack of resources provided to us, along with the multitude of preps that are assigned to each teacher. I know the feeling of having to plan for several advanced classes each day, which can be very draining. I understand the hesitance to spend your money on anything.

This product, however, will do a few things for you and your sanity to allow you to fully enjoy teaching your students: ✅Cut down on your prep time ✅Lesson plans are already created and ready to go ✅Pre-organized ✅Comprehensive and driven by proven results ✅Free updates and added lesson plans

✨I offer sample lessons if you would like to see the quality of my work before spending your hard-earned dollars. Email me at [email protected] and let me know which unit you would like to view. I am confident that you will find this product worth the purchase. ✨

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