America is unique for many reasons. People can choose what they believe in, from cultures to religions. Additionally, people learn to compromise and work with others with different beliefs. All of this is part of political socialization. Essentially, this is the process where people develop their political knowledge, values, and ideology. This often begins in childhood and continues throughout one’s life. Since the world is constantly changing, students must learn about Political Socialization and to be proud of their beliefs. 

political socialization

Sources of Political Socialization 

America is full of influential people and companies. Additionally, friends, family, peers, and the media have different opinions, so the way people view politics often changes. While it is fine to change beliefs as people mature and learn more, it is essential that people stay true to themselves. Thankfully, this lesson helps ensure this happens! Students will learn all about the shaping of their political beliefs. 

Tocqueville’s America 

When learning about Political Socialization, a lesson on Alexis de Tocqueville is crucial! He believed that equality was the great political and social idea of his time and that the United States provided the most advanced example of equality in action. 

While he loved how Americans could be individuals, he did warn people how easy it is to become uniform. He did not want people to lose their own political beliefs, and he was vocal in reminding people of this. Since this is true today, students need to learn about his rationale and thinking. Luckily, the Political Socialization lesson has activities showing Tocqueville’s viewpoint. 

Political Socialization 

Honestly, it is hard to engage students! Luckily, this amazing lesson will solve that problem. 

Specifically, this rigorous and comprehensive lesson helps students understand political socialization within the U.S. Government. 

The lesson includes 10 Google Slides on political socialization. Once students understand this, they will be ready to dive into political ideology activities. These include scenarios and thought-provoking questions to demonstrate their understanding. After this, students are ready to explore the political socialization handout. There is even a quote analysis of influential figures. This provides amazing insight to show students how political socialization forms. 

political socialization


It is vital students learn about Political Socialization. So, this resource includes a complete 55-minute lesson plan. Additionally, all videos have an included URL. There are even answer keys to guide teachers and make grading quick and easy. 


Every classroom is different. So, teachers can edit the Political Socialization lesson to fit their classroom’s needs. 

Americans are fortunate to live in a world where they can have their own political beliefs, values, and ideas. However, it is essential that students do not take that for granted. They need to learn that not every country allows this. Additionally, they need to see the importance of sticking to their beliefs and not changing for anyone else. Thankfully, the Political Socialization lesson shows all of this! Students will love seeing the evolution of their beliefs as they continue to grow and mature. 

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