Causes of the American Revolution



Embark on an engaging and interactive exploration of the causes behind the American Revolution with our comprehensive jigsaw lesson. This meticulously designed resource delves into the core factors that sparked this historic event, offering an immersive experience for your students.


With our jigsaw lesson, you can easily assign short readings to heterogeneous groups, encouraging collaborative learning and fostering a sense of shared responsibility. Students will take turns presenting their assigned readings, actively teaching their classmates about the causes of the American Revolution. This approach cultivates a deeper understanding of the subject matter while promoting teamwork and communication skills.


To supplement the lesson, we provide a handy handout that highlights the reactions of both the British and the Colonists to the causes of the revolution. This valuable resource enables students to analyze and compare perspectives, enhancing their critical thinking abilities and facilitating a comprehensive exploration of this pivotal time in history.


This jigsaw lesson serves as an ideal introduction to the causes of the American Revolution, engaging students in a dynamic and interactive experience that lasts approximately 50 minutes. To enhance student engagement and creativity, we recommend providing poster paper for students to illustrate key concepts and present their notes on the causes.


Discover the power of this well-structured resource, proven to be effective in teaching the causes of the American Revolution. Immerse your students in this transformative period of history, fostering their analytical skills, collaborative abilities, and historical comprehension.


What’s Included:

  1. 55 minute lesson
  2. Jigsaw readings
  3. causes handout
  4. answer key


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