Gilded Age Urbanization Lesson


This comprehensive U.S. history resource will be all you need to teach progressivism.

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Help your students gain a deeper understanding of the Progressive era and the complex issues of the Gilded Age with this easy-to-use, standards-aligned urbanization lesson! With this comprehensive U.S. history lesson plan, you’ll have all the tools you need to help your students unpack the complexities of progressivism during this era.


Your students will better understand the Gilded Age by engaging in urbanization activities, Jacob Riis images, and comprehensive notes. This complete lesson plan excites your students about the history and makes learning about the Gilded Age fun!

What’s Included:

⭐ 55-minute Lesson Plan

⭐ Urbanization Google Slides (6 total slides)

⭐ Urbanization notes handout (1 page)

⭐ Jacob Riss Gallery walk of photos and handout

⭐ Teacher Answer Keys


Education Standards

  • Common Core State Standards:-RH.11-12.2, RH.11-12.3, RH.11-12.7
  • Next Generation Science Standards:N/A
  • Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills: U.S. History (1700-1900): 113.20.
  • Virginia Standards of Learning: VS.8.1, VS.8.2, VS.8.3

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