Society is constantly changing. It is determined by social interactions, behaviors, and relationships. These three aspects often surround how people live and interact with others. Additionally, they often determine how well an entire community or culture can get along. Teaching Sociology and the complexity of human relationships can be tough! There is just so much to cover in a short amount of time. Furthermore, it can be overwhelming to find the best ways to make these lessons engaging for students. Thankfully, this year-long Sociology course includes everything needed to thoroughly teach students what makes humans so unique. 

Sociology Course Units

This comprehensive year-long bundle is filled with 8 units to dive into sociology.

Unit 1: Introduction to Sociology:

Before diving deep into human interactions, it is important for students to know concepts and basics of Sociology. This introduction does an incredible job at providing students a strong insight into what they will be learning about. There are 20 lessons included. 

Unit 2: Social Stratification:

Here, students will learn about social class and income. There are 11 lesson plans in order to ensure students stay interested with various activities and media. 

Unit 3: Race and Ethnicity:

Next, students will learn how race and ethnicity affect people. Also, they will learn reasons on why race and ethnicity matter and reasons behind their central focus on social relationships. Students will stay captivated during these 15 lessons.

Unit 4: Gender:

In recent years, gender has become a massive focus. Thus, students will have 19 lessons that focus on gender issues. For example, this includes gender expectations, media misrepresentation on women, and how music portrays gender. 

Unit 5: Socialization and Families:

Students will then progress to a focus on family structure and how this impacts one’s entire life. For instance, students will explore birth order, nature versus nurture, and how marriage has changed. Students will love making personal connections through these 18 lessons.

Unit 6: Education:

Students will have in-depth, important discussions about how education impacts people. These 17 lessons will allow them to see true eye-opening experiences. By the end, they will see how impactful education is! 

Unit 7: Crime and Deviance:

It is so important for the future leaders of the world to learn about crime, deviance, and social control. These 23 lessons will teach students about conformity, authority, and the death penalty. 

Unit 8: Individual Action and Social Movements:

The final project will provide a hands-on way for students to apply knowledge while critically thinking about everything learned. To complete the year, students will research one hashtag movement. They will conduct a research survey and develop an infographic project. 

Teaching Techniques

In order to keep students engaged throughout the entire course, there are tons of teaching techniques used. All of the units include complete lesson plans and an outline on the order of lessons. ALL needed materials and student activities are included to implement the lessons. This includes reading passages, unit projects, rubrics, and quizzes/tests. In order to keep lessons exciting, there are also cooperative group activities, centers, and games included. Thus, students will be completing different lessons each day! They will be so excited to come to Sociology.

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What’s In It For Me?

You may be like many people who are hesitant to spend a lot of money on one bundle. It is hard to know what you are buying and how useful it will really be. Therefore, it is important to know how much this bundle will help you and your classroom! First, everything is organized into unit folders for ease of access. Thus, you will not be spending hours searching for activities or lesson plans. With over 15 years of experience, I know the importance of strong organization. A pacing calendar is also included to help when planning. Furthermore, I teach this course every year and update these plans. Therefore, you will always get the new activities and lessons I develop without having to pay more.

As a secondary Social Studies teacher, I understand the frustration over the lack of resources. There are so many different preps and so little already made, so it can be extremely stressful to create new activities. The Sociology course has everything you need for the entire year. It is engaging, hands-on, updated, and relevant while still focusing on the essential components of human interaction. It is driven by proven results and updated each year. While there is a cost to pay for the product. Every penny of your hard-earned money will be well spent! 

If you do not want to miss any of the upcoming lessons, join my email list to be notified of all the interactive lessons coming up! By joining the email list, you will also get access to the Final Sociology Project for blog exclusive subscribers!  

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