Many times, students are so fascinated to learn about other countries. They love to see how people live, what they eat, and how they dress. However, students do not realize how exceptional their nation is. Importantly, they don’t realize how many changes our nation has undergone and how much we help others. Thus, students must have thought-provoking lessons within any US History course. They need to understand the hard work of so many individuals to build, defend, and protect the United States of America. Thankfully, there are two courses that will show students how great their nation is. Best of all, they work great for US History half-year courses or whole-year courses. 

United States History Course: Founding to Reconstruction

This fantastic bundle is here to support you and your students when learning US History. Whether teaching a US History half-year course or full year, this resource offers many in-depth lessons. 

Students will begin the first unit by learning about the colonial time period and the Revolutionary War. After this, they will learn about the Articles of Confederation. They will then progress to the second unit with in-depth information and activities on the US Constitution. Students will love connecting to their lives when learning about this essential document in US History. Then, students will progress to a unit on the first US Presidents and how westward expansion occurred. Lastly, students will learn all about the Civil War and Reconstruction. 

US history half-year course

Honestly, this US History course contains many engaging lessons filled with critical thinking skills. Students will be so excited to return the next day. 

United States History Course: Reconstruction to Present 

As students continue on their journey in learning about the United States, they will first learn about the Civil War and Reconstruction. They will then progress to the Gilded Age. Students will love seeing all of the economic growth during this time. Then, students will move toward Progressivism, Imperialism, and World War I. There are many amazing lessons here that showcase all the hard work that occurred during this time. After this, the next unit focuses on the 1920s and Great Depression. Honestly, this is an excellent way for students to realize how everyone goes through ups and downs. This inspiring unit shows students the importance of grit and strength. This is especially needed as students move into the next unit on World War II and the Cold War. Students will see the brave efforts of so many soldiers during this time. Since the world is constantly changing, there is even a unit on recent history. This US History course contains so much information that shows students how amazing our world is. 

Learning Strategies 

High school students do not just want to sit and listen to a lecture. They want to be actively engaged in the lesson. Otherwise, they will tune out and ignore what the teacher is saying. Thus, every single unit within both US History courses contains activities that are student tested and approved! There are cooperative group activities, stations, videos, reading passages, and games. Additionally, there are assessments to check for understanding. Since students will enjoy each lesson, they won’t mind completing assessments! 

Teacher Benefits 

Whenever purchasing my resources, there are many added benefits for your US history half-year course or full year course. One of the most important ones involves all of the FREE updates. I teach this course every year and continually update my plans. This is needed as learning strategies evolve each year. So, I provide all of my updates for FREE! 

Additionally, I know how stressed teachers are. There are so many challenges to handle each day and little time to get everything done. Therefore, every file contains organized unit folders. There are even lesson plans and pacing calendars to help with planning. Likewise, if a lesson needs a video link, it is included! Teachers will not waste time finding documents or resources with these US History courses. Teachers can get their planning done at school with these added benefits.

Honestly, the United States is a remarkable nation with a fantastic history. When students are taking a US History half-year course, every lesson must have a specific purpose. Otherwise, students will be unable to learn all there is to know. Thankfully, the US History courses on the Founding to Reconstruction and Reconstruction to Present ensure students appreciate our nation. 

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