While World War I happened long ago, it left profound effects on the entire globe. With more than 30 countries and 70 million soldiers involved, it is clear to see why. While no one likes to study the tragically lost lives, students love World War I activities. However, the activities need to respect the lives of everyone impacted while teaching the truth behind what led to so much fighting. Thankfully, there are many amazing World War I activities to help students understand what happened and why. 

World War I Activities

Causes of World War I 

When students see what is happening in the world, they often wonder if it will lead to World War III. They are always intrigued to know why a war breaks out. So, this two-day lesson will deepen your students’ understanding on the causes of World War I. In addition to learning about the causes, students will learn about the long-term effects and Shell Shock. Additionally, students will learn about the complex challenges the US experienced as the war began. 

All of the engaging activities, note-taking exercises, and historical analysis will cultivate a more comprehensive understanding in students! 

World War I Homefront Lesson 

Students are always eager to learn about the US during World War I. Thankfully, this inclusive US history lesson ensures students understand the US homefront. Through engaging and interactive lessons, students will learn about civil liberties, World War I, and the homefront. 

End of World War I Lesson 

Thankfully, World War I finally ended in 1918. Students will learn why and how the war ended through handouts, notes, and interactive activities. Additionally, they will work on map skills by comparing the world before and after the war. This is a great way to include critical thinking and inferences as students study the before and after effects. 

Unit 6: Progressivism, Imperialism, and World War I Unit

Students will love the World War I activities above. Thankfully, there are many more to ensure students have a comprehensive understanding of US history! This unit focuses explicitly on progressivism, imperialism, and World War I. Students will use their critical thinking skills through 17 days of 55-minute lesson plans. They will engage with the material through activities, cooperative group activities, stations, reading passages, games, and videos. There are even assessments ready! 

World War I Activities

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World War I drastically impacted the entire world. So, it is essential students learn how the war began in 1914, why it ended in 1918, and everything in between. Thankfully, all of the World War I activities will spark enthusiasm and curiosity among students! The interactive lessons will transform your study of WWI while ensuring students travel through time with enjoyable and enriching lessons. 

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