Students face many challenges in high school. While they are excited to grow up, they are also making decisions that impact the rest of their life. As they prepare, they often take stressful courses, such as AP Government. Since teachers understand the stress of high-stakes tests, they do everything they can to make review fun. Thankfully, there are resources ready for an amazing AP Government review! Students will gain so much confidence with each review activity! 

Teaching AP Government can be incredibly rewarding. You get to ignite students’ passion for civics and equip them with the knowledge to be informed citizens. But, let’s be honest, it’s also stressful. Here’s why:

  • Balancing Depth & Breadth: The course covers a vast amount of complex topics, from federalism to judicial review. Ensuring students grasp these nuances while meeting the exam’s demands can feel like a constant tightrope walk.
  • High-Stakes Exam: The AP exam carries significant weight for students aiming for college credit or a competitive edge. The pressure to prepare them effectively can be intense.
  • Encouraging Critical Thinking: AP Government goes beyond memorization. You want students to analyze, debate, and form their own opinions. Fostering this critical thinking in a test-oriented environment adds another layer of challenge.

Despite the stress, it’s a challenge many teachers find teaching AP Government deeply fulfilling. After all, you’re shaping the future informed voters of America! You might love this ap government review bundle.

AP Government


While students begin learning amendments in middle school, it is so hard to remember them all! For instance, they may have confidence in one or two but not remember them all. However, knowing the amendments is an essential part of AP Government review! So, this resource has everything you need to review this essential topic. This includes the Bill of Rights and the amendments beyond. There are PowerPoints, handouts, a game, and a quiz! There is even an answer key for easy planning. Students will gain so much confidence in their amendment knowledge! 

Supreme Court Cases 

Reviewing Supreme Court Cases is a crucial part of any AP Government course! Thankfully, this resource reviews all the essential Supreme Court Cases for the AP US Government and Politics exam. Best of all, this review happens through engaging activities, such as PowerPoints, handouts, an optional project, and a quiz. There is even an answer key provided. 

AP Government Foundational Documents 

Students will love this review! It is a two-page review sheet on the foundational document for the AP US Government and Politics exam. For instance, students will review The Articles of Confederation, the U.S. Constitution, and the Declaration of Independence. Additionally, there are review documents for Federalist papers. It works with any other review book or resources as students work on AP Government review. Since teachers are so busy, it includes an answer key for easy planning. 

AP Government

AP Government Review Games 

Students love games! So, adding them to AP Government review is a great way to ensure students are ready for the exam. Thankfully, this resource has engaging and interactive review games that are perfect for any review. This includes PowerPoint Jeopardy, 27 Quizlet Love links, and Password Vocabulary. Additionally, there are BINGO games on the branches of government and a heads-up game for fun with partners. Students will love AP Government review! 

Grab the full bundle here

AP Government is such a tough course to take! There is a ton to learn, such as vocabulary, court cases, government structures, and amendments. Since students are taking this course on top of many others, they need engaging review activities. This helps ensure they can pay attention while dealing with everything else they have going on. Luckily, all of the above resources offer high-quality, engaging activities for AP Government review. Students will love review activities that help solidify their knowledge. 

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