The United States has undergone many changes through its rich history. While some are positive improvements, such as the creation of the lightbulb, others are not. For instance, there have been wars, conflicts, and times when citizens had no food. Citizens who lived through the Great Depression witnessed loss, hardships, and hurt on unprecedented levels. While this is tough to talk about, it is imperative students study the 1920s and Great Depression Unit. Thinking critically during the Great Depression lessons will help students gain much appreciation for their lives today. 

Great Depression Unit

Court Packing Lesson 

When exploring Great Depression lessons, learning about the New Deal Court Packing is critical! So, this lesson ensures students learn about complex challenges the U.S. encountered and the nation’s response. The range of engaging activities, note-taking exercises, and historical analysis will ensure students have a more profound comprehension of the Great Depression! Best of all, these activities transform the study of Court Packing during the New Deal into an enjoyable and enriching journey! 

New Deal Court Packing Lesson

New Deal Lesson 

There is so much to include when deepening a student’s understanding of the New Deal during Great Depression lessons. Thankfully, this inclusive lesson plan includes many activities to support student learning. There are lesson plans, New Deal cartoons, New Deal notes and Google Slides, video links, and an assessment. There is even an answer key. While this lesson is easy to implement, it will lead to profound results. 

New Deal Lesson

1920s and The Great Depression Game Show 

This meticulously crafted game is a fun-filled experience and a fantastic comprehension review tool! Students will travel through the intricacies of US history as they focus on the 1920s and the Great Depression. There are even sections on Herbert Hoover and essential vocabulary. 

While implementing this game in Great Depression lessons, teachers can see student progress and areas for improvement. The game even scores automatically, so seeing the results is effortless. 

1920's Game Show

New Deal Websearch

Great Deal lessons must include complex challenges of the New Deal the U.S. encountered. However, students want to avoid sitting and listening to this information in a lecture. So, this web search is perfect! The two-page website scavenger hunt leads students through the local effect of the New Deal on their state and local area. This personal connection ensures students understand the programs and projects that helped revitalize where they live. 

New Deal Scavenger Hunt

The Great Depression Lesson 

When learning about the Great Depression, students need to understand the causes and challenges within the U.S. Thankfully, the activities in this lesson focus on two days of carefully planned activities. This includes graphs to predict the coming of the Great Depression, notes and Slides with causes, video links, and answer keys. Students will love exploring the hardships and triumphs the nation experienced during the Depression. 

Great Depression Lesson

1920s and Great Depression Unit 

Honestly, there is so much to learn about during Great Depression lessons. So, this 20-day unit includes lesson plans, activities, and assessments to guide students through rigorous material. Students will think critically as they work on cooperative group activities, stations, reading passages, games, and projects. They will gain a wealth of information during this hands-on unit. 

The United States experienced so much during the 1920s and the Great Depression. While citizens came together, they did so during some of the most challenging times. Students will love to explore this time period during the 1920s and Great Depression Unit

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