Sadly, many students will say they are bored in history classes. Often, this is because they do not realize the connection between the past and the present. However, they are eager to learn and understand essential concepts once they recognize this connection. The Articles of Confederation is one of the best concepts to build this understanding! Once students realize this is a founding document, there is investment in learning about the formation and unity among colonies. Thankfully, the Articles of Confederation Lesson Plan is here to engage and excite every student! 

Articles of Confederation Lesson Plan

Articles of Confederation Lesson

This is a fantastic 55-minute Articles of Confederation lesson! Since every student learns differently, there are multiple strategies and learning formats. Thankfully, this will help ensure students truly understand the importance of the Articles of Confederation! 

Building Interest

Students must feel invested in understanding why the Articles of Confederation are essential to learn. So, there is a PowerPoint handout for students to grasp how the Articles of Confederation led to the U.S. Constitution. This includes critical elements and images. There is even a note-taking sheet to help students take notes and track their thoughts. 

Collaborative Learning 

The Articles of Confederation lesson plan ensures respect for students’ interest in talking to each other. So, there is a document with letters addressing the Articles of Confederation. Students will read the letters with a partner and discuss the questions. Then, they will incorporate writing skills to form a detailed answer. 

Dive Deeper with Articles of Confederation Lesson

There is so much to learn about in any history course! Honestly, students will be amazed at how much events in the past shape how we live today. This is why reflection is so critical. So, there is a handout to help them review information learned throughout the lesson. This will allow students to combine everything they learned to dive deeper into the Articles of Confederation. 

No Prep Resource 

Teachers are busy enough, so the Articles of Confederation lesson plan will take a complete lesson off their plates. This entire lesson is print-and-go! This includes all notes, presentations, handouts, and primary sources needed. There is even an answer key for students. 

U.S. History

Teachers can even use this lesson for sub plans, to supplement their lessons, or for homework. Honestly, there are so many ways students can utilize this resource. 

Money Saving Bundle 

Students will love the Articles of Confederation lesson plan. Thankfully, there is a money-saving bundle for U.S. History! Students will love learning about all the growth and development in the United States. This includes everything from the Founding to the Reconstruction periods. 

It can be overwhelming to plan so many history lessons. There is so much to cover on top of planning for multiple preps. Thankfully, the Articles of Confederation Lesson Plan provides an incredible way for students to learn about a core history topic!

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