Teachers work hard to show students how the information they learn in class applies to their life. The reality is that some students still do not see this connection. Thankfully, that won’t be the case with the stock market lesson! The Stock Market Station Lesson has everything students need to learn the economics and complexity of the market! Students will be engaged, driven, and focused as they realize how the stock market impacts their lives. 

stock market lessons

Stock Market Station Lesson

Soon, students will be responsible for their finances. They will need to know how to budget and spend responsibly. Additionally, they will also work on making investments. So, this is the perfect lesson to teach them how the stock market works. While this is a challenging topic, the stock market lesson presents information in a simpler way. This will ensure students understand the importance and complexities of the stock market without becoming overwhelmed. Honestly, it will be amazing to look out and see how focused students are while building critical-thinking skills! 

Station Format 

Students work so well in stations. This is exactly why this vital information follows that style. So, students will travel through 6 stock market station lessons to learn the information one step at a time. 

Station 1: Students will learn a complete overview of the stock market. This includes information about IRAs and how the stock market constantly fluctuates. 

Station 2: Students will learn what stocks mean and essential details about them. 

Station 3: It is now time to learn about the New York Stock Exchange and how selling shares work. 

Station 4: Students will apply their knowledge to stock purchase examples. So, this stock market station lesson includes tons of math! Students will examine purchase prices compared to the price sold. Then, they will identify the change in price and percentage difference. This is a great way to show how some stocks are more lucrative than others. 

Station 5: This is such a fun stock market lesson! Students will examine various political cartoons. Then, they will identify the speaker, occasion, audience, purpose, and subject. Honestly, this is an incredible extension of student learning that requires them to think critically. 

Station 6: Students will focus on crucial economy-related terms. To do this, they will match terms to their definitions. 

Additional Course Tools 

Teaching high school social studies is hard! Since there is so much power behind teachers working together, there are additional courses to help with planning! For instance, the US History Course ensures students understand the triumphs and tribulations the nation has undergone. Additionally, the Personal Finance Course helps prepare students for the real world regarding spending and saving. Students will be so thankful for engaging, interactive lessons! 

Students enjoy learning information when they know how it connects to their lives. Thankfully, the Stock Market Station Lesson does exactly this! As students take control of their finances, they will remember all the stock market lesson concepts and how to make strong choices.

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