Students love money! Honestly, who doesn’t? However, money can be slow to earn and quick to spend. When students are in school, they don’t always realize this. Some just ask for money and receive what they need, while others have to work for it. No matter where students are financially, they must learn about budgets while in school. Thankfully, the Budgeting Unit is the perfect way to teach students one of the most critical skills they will use in life! 

The Budgeting Unit

This 9+ day budgeting unit will enable your students to learn all about real-world skills with the help of a supportive teacher! Since students must learn about being economically responsible, there are amazing hands-on lessons. Students will be happy to learn about money management in a way that will lead them to build critical thinking skills! 

Budgeting Objectives 

When learning about money, students may not realize how it controls so many aspects and decisions. Luckily, the Budgeting Unit includes essential objectives to ensure students know how to balance their budgets properly. Specifically, they will look into living paycheck to paycheck compared to the cost of their ideal lifestyle. This is a great way to teach them about having a salary that supports the budget they want. Since life always throws curveballs, they will learn about poverty, how a lack of budgeting impacts a family and potential issues with a budget. Ultimately, students will learn how important it is to budget and gain critical insight into how to do this!

Budgeting Lesson Components 

Truthfully, students may not realize how important setting a budget is. Additionally, they may not understand all aspects of life that cost money. Thankfully, there is an entire budget unit that outlines all of the critical aspects of financial awareness. This includes lessons, worksheets, web searches, and jigsaw lessons. Additionally, there is a project to bring everything students have learned together. There is even a quiz and homework activity to ensure students truly understand setting and following a budget! Best of all, students will love taking ownership of their learning with so many hands-on activities. 

Teacher Benefits 

Whenever purchasing my resources, there are many added benefits. One of the most important ones involves all of the FREE updates. This is needed as learning strategies evolve each year. 

Additionally, I know how stressed teachers are. There are so many challenges to handle each day and little time to get everything done. Therefore, lesson plans are ready to go. Additionally, all of the materials are pre-organized into folders. This means you will not have to spend time searching for what you need. 

Honestly, life can be challenging! There is always so much to handle and get done each day. While students may feel life is stressful while handling high school, they will soon see how much more there is post-graduation. Thankfully, the Budgeting Unit will allow them to be in control of one of the most important aspects: their finances! They will be so thankful to gain financial awareness while in high school!

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