Every grade level presents its own challenges for teachers. In elementary school, it can be dealing with students who want to talk to their friends all day. Throughout middle school, it can be handling attitude from students as they are struggling with puberty. In high school, it can be keeping students engaged when they feel they are already ready for the real world. Thus, these Government and Civics Projects will challenge students while helping them prepare for life outside of the classroom. 

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Government and Civics Projects 

Whether you are introducing Government in 8th grade or teaching a course to seniors, these projects fit so many grade levels. This is due to the fact that all 12 activities are editable! Therefore, an entire project is put together, but the teacher has the ultimate say on how it is completed. 

1. Civil Rights Documentary Project

Students will select one group who have not always been treated fairly in society. After selecting among a group of options, they will explore the journey in America. While building a presentation, they will look into specific elements. For instance, students will explore a timeline of the group in America and recent issues.

2. Federal Crisis Project

After looking through a series of events that have happened under the American government, students will select one. After looking into when, why, and where it happened, students will dive deeper. They will explore the state and federal governments’ involvement. To do this, they will look at the response from both sides and if/how the levels worked together. 

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3. Federalism Scavenger Hunt

Students are going to work in a small group to complete this fun activity! They will be given different scenarios. Then, they will figure out which federal or state law and mandate are involved. Students will be so focused in order to beat other groups! Therefore, they won’t even realize how engaged they are on laws and mandates. 

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4. I’m Registering to Vote Activity

In this creative project, students are going to make a sign explaining why they will register to vote. Even better, the signs make awesome classroom and hallways decorations! Students will be surrounded by positive reasons on why voting is so important. 

5. Incumbency Project

In a deep thinking project, students are going to assess incumbency. To do this, they will explore why politicians are commonly reelected. Additionally, they will look into the positives and negatives of the same people being elected. 

6. Interest Group Tissue Box Project

To recycle a tissue box, students are going to learn all about interest groups. Each side contains specific instructions, such as the mission and headquarter location. 

7. Iron Triangle Drawing Connection Assignment

To help bring in personal aspects, students will select an issue they really care about. Then, they will explore different people, such as interest groups, who help advocate for the cause. 

8. Legislative Hurdles to Passing a Bill Assignment:

Passing a bill is hard! There are so many people involved and steps to take. Thus, students will explore different hurdles to passing a bill. Additionally, they will see why it can be easier to block a bill than pass it.

9. Polling Alone Assignment

Politics is filled with polls! Thus, students will learn how to tell if the poll is credible. For instance, they will look into the source and sample size. 

10. Presidential Roles Project

Before Government, students may not have realized how many roles the president has. Therefore, they will pick one role among a list of options. Then, they will create a Piktochart in order to teach the class. This is an excellent way to show how hard the presidency is as well as allowing classmates to teach each other. 

11. Save My Agency Speech Assignment

Students are going to experience what many agencies deal with: budget cuts. After selecting one agency, students are going to learn the “ins” and “outs” of it. Then, they will create a product to show to the president. The goal is that this product and speech persuade the president not to reduce any of their funding. 

12. Supreme Court Case Project Brief

Students are going to learn how the Supreme Court has handled cases dealing with civil liberties and civil rights issues. After exploring several cases, they are going to select one to explore on a deeper level. Then, they will present it to the class. 

Why I love this Government and Civics Projects Bundle?

The Government and Civics Projects are sure to lead your students to success! They will be so engaged in the content that the material will be understood on a deep level. Instead of sitting back and listening, students are going to have an active role in their learning while completing the activities above. 

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