When students think about history, they often talk about the past. While the past does allow us to shape the future, history is more than this. It also includes civics lessons, which show students their rights and duties as citizens. One day, they will not be attending school each day. Instead, they will interact, work, and assist in various aspects of a community. So, students need to understand the importance of relationships with each other and within a government framework. Thankfully, the Civics Decor and Posters and US History Timeline Display help students see how valuable and important they are in society! 

Civics Decor and Posters

Civics Decor and Posters

Teachers know the importance of a well-decorated classroom. When the room is warm and inviting, students feel more comfortable, which is crucial to being open to learning. 

Thankfully, this civics decor and poster resource will remind students how important they are in society! For instance, one poster states, “History Shapes Us-Civics Strengthens Us.” This is a great way to show students that history helps shape our decisions, but we need civics to become strong and united. Each of the 5 posters provides an important, uplifting message to students! 

The civics decor and posters are easy to print on a regular 8 ½ by 11 sheet of paper. However, teachers can also enlarge each poster. 

Students will love reading these posters in their classroom. 

US History Timeline Display

It is fascinating to learn about the history of the United States. The nation was formed by so many triumphs and tragedies. This timeline display is a fantastic way to show students the depth of the United States. 

Specifically, this resource includes 29 timeline events. Teachers can display different events as students learn about them or hang them all up at once. Either way, it will allow students to learn about monumental events that have shaped the United States into the country it is today. 

Teachers can edit and modify all events since every classroom has a different amount of time. 

This timeline makes an incredible visual reference for any wall in the classroom. It will serve as a powerful reminder of all the United States has gone through and how far it has come. 

One of the best parts about having the timeline up as part of civics decor and posters is the conversation it brings. Students love standing around the wall, reading about the events, and discussing their knowledge. Honestly, so much learning comes out of this classroom decor! 

Civics is a crucial part of history. It allows students to know how important their voice is in society. Thankfully, the Civics Decor and Posters and US History Timeline Display enable students to have daily reminders of this. Students will feel inspired after seeing the civics posters and the history timeline. While it may be hard to speak up, they will know the importance of doing and saying what is right. 

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