Engage your students with this interactive political -party lesson webquest for AP or regular Government which leads them to think about and evaluate their own political beliefs! Students will consider which party’s beliefs they share, and ultimately decide which party they will register with. This activity is adaptable, hands-on, thorough, and engaging!

First, I have my students take four quizzes to help them discover which party they align with best! They write their responses on the Webquest. They research how particular candidates feel about important issues affecting this country using the website: On the Issues.

I let my students choose the issues they care most strongly about, such as the economy, the environment, healthcare, war, etc. Next, they write a response in 1-2 paragraphs about which political party they associate with. They use their information from the Webquest to complete their responses.

This is a wonderful activity to engage students in the political process and to clarify which parties and issues they align with the best. I find my kids really love learning with this lesson because it directly connects to their lives and gives them a better understanding of political parties.

Political Party Lesson

Check out the lesson here: https://passionforsocialstudies.com/product/political-party-websearch/

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