As students get older, they get less excited about projects. Whether they are embarrassed to show feelings or just want to be done with school, creating projects can be tough. However, teachers know the power behind projects. When students are working on them, they are truly focused, engaged, and interacting with the content on a deeper level. Due to this, it often takes many hours to put high-quality projects together. Thankfully, these Sociology Projects are ready-to-go. These incredible projects are so amazing that students will be visibly happy and focused! 

sociology projects

Sociology Projects

This year-long bundle includes 13 highly engaging projects for any sociology course! Furthermore, there are 13 EDITABLE, easy-to-follow activities in one complete package! Several rubrics are also included for easy grading. These projects are also included in the sociology course!

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Sociology Intro Unit

The first part of the unit includes several projects in order to really gain student interest. For instance, they will look into soft skills, such as empathy and kindness, and build a lesson around teaching the importance. Then, students will be able to teach groups of elementary students! Next, students will explore a sociological perspective theory and build a presentation. This will allow them to look into who created the theory and what it tells about society. Then, students will really get out of their comfort zone. In a “Do Nothing” experiment, they will go to a public place and do nothing for ten minutes. They will simply observe the reactions they are given from other people. By doing this, students will learn so much about themselves and society while gaining an appreciation for their life. 

Socialization Unit

There are two projects in this section. First, students are going to expand upon the idea that books provide a wealth of knowledge. To do this, they will evaluate a children’s book. Specifically, they will look into the wording, pictures, and the theme. Then, students will evaluate how effective the book is. Second, students are going to get outside of their comfort zone by going on a technology purge! They will pick a device to go without and then complete a series of questions. This is a great way to show students how dependent people have become on technology. 

Gender Unit

Music is so important to students! Therefore, the first project is to select a song and analyze its meaning. Students will look deeply into the lyrics to see how it is representing cultural norms, ideas, values, or stereotypes. The next project involves toy socialization. Here, students are going to reflect back on a favorite toy and explain how it impacted gender socialization. 

Education Unit

The Problem in Education Project Based Learning project will greatly interest students! Through research, students will learn one of the biggest problems facing public schools today. Then, students will have to see if and how some of the problems can be solved. This project provides a great eye-opening experience for students! 

Social Stratification Unit

In a vital step for preparing for adult life, students will conduct interviews to seek financial advice. For example, some questions deal with savings and budgeting suggestions. Then, students will reflect on the answers in a well-written paper. 

Racial Stratification Unit

Students will dive deeper into how media can impact the way people look at culture and reality. After selecting a media source, students will explain how it depicts race. Furthermore, they will explain how the media impacts people’s views of different cultures. Then, in order to further reflect on society, students will watch a movie and dive into discussion questions. For instance, they will look at implicit versus explicit racism and ways to reduce racism. 

Crime Unit

In a highly popular topic, students will analyze different methods of execution. Students will look at everything from when the method was commonly used to the pros and cons of it. Then, they will analyze all of their information to determine the most humane form. 

sociology projects

Final Project

In recent years, hashtag movements have been a major focus. Therefore, students are going to have a say in their final project. First, they will select one hashtag movement. Then, they will design a research survey, conduct it, and analyze the results. After making an infographic project, students will have a greater understanding of the history of the movement and the impact. This can be purchased alone and it is also included in the bundle! 

Sociology involves so many engaging aspects for students to explore. While most students heavily follow societal trends and focus, sociology helps show the reasons behind these aspects. Therefore, the projects above all include real-life aspects in order to ensure students are ready to handle all the challenges the real world will throw their way. 

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