Sociology is often a student-favorite course to take! Honestly, it is fascinating to study how people interact with each other. Since students love this course, it is essential to have engaging, interactive sociology lesson plans. Luckily, there are tons of incredible sociology lessons to ensure students explore the underlying social forces that shape human behavior.

sociology lesson plans

Famous Sociologists Lesson 

Honestly, there are so many influential names in sociology. So, this resource includes a hands-on way for students to apply knowledge while thinking critically. There is a project, rubric, handout, and activity to help students learn important names and faces! 

Sociology Theories Lesson and Project 

Just like famous sociologists, there are essential theories to learn about. Students cannot complete sociology lessons without understanding key theoretical perspectives. So, this project will help students explore impactful theories. Adding this resource to sociology lesson plans always builds amazing collaboration and communication among classmates! 

sociology theories lesson

Introduction to Sociology Test

While teachers and students may not love all of the assessments with education, it is part of the routine. While tests are not fun, they help teachers know what material students understand and what they need more help with. So, this 20+ assessment ensures students understand their rigorous and comprehensive curriculum. There are editable multiple-choice and short-response questions for students to show their knowledge in multiple ways. 

introduction to sociology test

Introduction to Sociology Lesson 

When creating sociology lessons, finding the best place to start is tough. Honestly, there is so much essential information! Thankfully, these 3-day sociology lesson plans help your students start the course with interactive lessons. With the different projects and activities, students will think like sociologists in no time! 

Specifically, students will focus on empathy, powerful quotes, and breaking down the term sociology. Additionally, students will think about who they are and much more!

Sociological Imagination Lesson 

Students cannot fully understand sociology lessons without focusing on the Sociological Imagination. So, students will embark on a transformative journey to explore this fundamental concept. They will do this through thought-provoking discussions and interactive activities. Students will love learning how to analyze society through a sociological lens. They will even cultivate a deeper understanding of the complex interactions between individuals and their social environments. 

Teacher Training 

Honestly, planning engaging, rigorous sociology lessons is challenging! Students need to think critically while also enjoying the class. Luckily, the Sociology Teacher Training covers best practices on how to deliver instruction. You will learn pacing, course organization, current events, projects, Socratic discussions, an interactive research project, and so much more. Honestly, this teacher training includes everything needed to lead your students to success! It even includes 24-hour email support and a sample syllabus! 

Sociology is such a fun course as it allows students to examine social issues and question prevailing norms. It is so neat to explore social forces that shape human behavior! However, it is tough to fit everything in! Thankfully, these resources are all amazing tools to add to sociology lessons and ensure students have a thorough understanding! 

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