If your days are anything like mine, things can pretty easily fall through the cracks. Between lesson planning, parent-teacher meetings, cooking, answering emails, or trying to get an appointment for a COVID vaccine, there are just too many things to fit into a day. So if you’ve been meaning to check out our Summer Social Studies Bundle but have forgotten, this is just a quick reminder that Sunday 6/20 is the last day of our sale.

Not sure what the Summer Social Studies Bundles are? Read on for all the details!

Save Over 90% on Summer Social Studies Bundle for the US Government, US History, and even World History & Ancient Civilization!

Grab it now before it’s gone forever

I have partnered with over 22 other social studies educators to bring you entire collections of done-for-you resources to help you prep for the upcoming school year.

We’ve put together 3 different social studies bundles of social studies resources for the US Government, US History, and World History & Ancient Civilizations. Each bundle includes dozens of products (both printable and digital) to help you serve your students and save you time and headache.

Purchasing all the included products individually would cost hundreds of dollars, but we’re bundling them together for just $20 each

Here are what some others have had to say about this huge social studies bundle:

“Thank you so very much for the generous resources. I teach 8th grade American history and this bundle has been THE BEST THING for my classroom and my students. They are so engaged. The digital resources are perfect for virtual learning days.


“Thank you for your help! My class this year has some knowledge gaps, so now I can fill in a bit with some fun activities.”


“Thanks so much to you and the other teacher-authors for making these great resources available for such a good price. These resources are great and are adapted for every skill level my students are at.


“An incredible resource and amazing value! Thanks for all of your work in making these social studies bundle of resources, they are easy to use and well presented, I am excited to try the Web Quests and digital activities. We should make history fun, right?”


“I’ve taught 10th grade for 2 years now. I’m excited to add your products to my repertoire–my toolbelt–of resources for my students. Thanks for your hard work!”

Megan, 10th grade teacher

“These are such great resources! I am homeschooling my 10th grader this year but plan to return to the classroom eventually so I will get to use these fully!”

Ann Marie, homeschool mom

Ready to grab your bundle? Sunday is the last day!

>>YES! I can’t wait to pick my social studies bundle!

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