There is so much fascinating information to learn when taking any government course. One of the topics students are always eager to learn about involves the roles of presidents! Honestly, there is always so much excitement in understanding this massive role. Since students often have opinions about our presidents, there is amazing discussion and collaboration. So, including engaging, enriching lesson plans on presidents is essential to maintain this excitement! Thankfully, these resources, such as the Executive Branch Unit, make planning a breeze! 

lesson plans for presidents

Presidential Succession Lesson 

This is the perfect way to teach your students all about presidential succession! Students will learn key topics, such as laws covering succession and different types of succession. Additionally, students will learn about the trials and tribulations of presidential succession in US History.

The lesson plan, Google Slides presentation, student handout, and answer key ensure students have a strong understanding! 

Presidential Succession Lesson Plan

Impeachment Lesson 

When learning about presidents, this is always a topic students are eager to learn about. So, add this resource to your lesson plans on presidents! 

Students will learn about the impeachment process, historical presidential impeachments, and constitutional rules. They will learn through an informative video link, Google Slides presentation, notes, and a WebQuest. Everything students need when learning about the impeachment process is within this resource! 

Impeachment Lesson

Powers of the President Lesson 

Often, students do not realize how complex and complicated the role of the presidency is. This is why students often think the president can do anything he/she wants to. Or, students think the president sits back and does nothing at all. However, this is not the case at all. So, students will learn all about the evolutionary powers of the presidency. This includes learning about executive privilege, agenda setting, signing statements, and veto powers. Each topic has an informational video link, and Google Slide notes to ensure students deeply understand the topic. 

Lesson plans for presidents

Executive Branch Handouts 

When learning about presidents, understanding the Executive Branch is essential. So, students will learn all about what presidents do, how they handle their responsibilities, and checks and balances. This is a great resource to help students critically analyze the presidency! 

Executive Branch Handouts

Executive Branch Unit

Students are going to love all the resources above! So, this 10-day unit is the perfect addition to enrich their understanding even more. Students will focus in-depth on the branches of government and how checks and balances work. The activities, projects, games, and reading passages ensure students gain a comprehensive understanding through rigorous lessons. 

Learning about presidents is always fun for students. Since this role is well known to all citizens, students love learning how the position works and what powers the person has. Thankfully, these activities are all perfect for lesson plans on presidents! Students will love learning about the position that significantly impacts the United States! 

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