Impeachment Lesson


You will just love this in-depth government lesson. Lesson plans, handouts, answer keys, PowerPoint, and Google drive links are included.


This complete lesson plan covers the impeachment process, historical presidential impeachments,  and constitutional rules for impeachment. This is the only resource you will need to teach the impeachment process. This includes an informative video link, Google Slides presentation, presentation notes, impeachment webquest, and all teacher answer keys.

Students will watch an informative video to introduce them to the topic. Then, they will gain new knowledge from the Presidential Impeachment Google Slides and use the Presidential Impeachment Handout to take notes as they go.

Afterward, students will work in partners to complete the Impeachment Webquest using computers, specifically looking at the presidents who faced impeachment.

What’s Included in the Impeachment Lesson Plan:

⭐Presidential Impeachment Google Slides

⭐ Presidential Impeachment Handout

⭐ Impeachment Webquest Worksheet

⭐ Webquest Teacher Notes

⭐ Teacher Answer Keys

⭐ Teacher Lesson Plan


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