People of all ages love to spend money! Whether it is buying a new toy, car, purse, or name brand tennis shoes, money is easy to spend. However, it goes faster than many people realize, causing money issues. Hence, this Personal Finance Course is absolutely necessary for students to go through as they prepare for the real world! It includes everything needed for a thorough semester long course. 

Personal Finance Course Units

There is so much to include when teaching personal finance and economic principles. Therefore, it can be hard to know where to start. Thankfully, this amazing half-year bundle is here to make your life so much easier! There are over 500 EDITABLE products all organized into one comprehensive unit. In order to truly prepare students for everything dealing with finances, there are 8 units. 

Unit 1: Money:

These 5 lesson plans will ensure students know about what money really is. Additionally, they will learn how to manage personal spending to meet financial goals. Lastly, they will learn how to make high-risk money management decisions in order to avoid later regrets.

Unit 2: Budgeting:

Students will spend the next 9 lessons on something so important to practice: setting a budget! Thus, students will learn about living paycheck to paycheck and issues that can impact the budget. Additionally, they will learn how not having a budget can hurt families and an approximate salary they will individually need for their lifestyle. Students will be so thankful to learn how to set and follow a budget! 

Unit 3: Cost of Money:

In this 3 day unit, students will see how impactful money is. For example, they will see why people have to pay taxes and what the federal reserve is. 

Unit 4: Banking:

The next 9 lesson plans all surround something students will soon become very familiar with: the bank! They will learn why it is important to use a bank, how savings can grow money, and the importance of a checking account. For a real-life experience, students will also go through a banking simulation. 

Unit 5: Credit:

Unfortunately, many people find themselves in trouble with credit cards. While it is very easy to swipe the card, it is not always easy to pay the bill. Thus, the 8 days of this unit ensure students know about the dangers of credit card debt. Furthermore, they will learn about credit scores, why they matter, and what impacts them. 

Unit 6: Insurance:

The reality is that many students may feel insurance is not needed. This is often due to the fact that insurance is similar to being behind the scenes. It is there if you need it and will help pay for situations that arise, but it is not something that makes a daily direct impact. Thus, these 9 lessons will teach students about different types of insurance and health premiums.

Unit 7: Investing:

Students will be off to a great start with their investment future after these 12 lessons. The stock market can be so complicated to understand! Hence, these lessons are all about real-world situations on investment, stock market prices, and winning stocks. Furthermore, students will learn how Wall Street influences the economy. 

Unit 8: Money Management:

Learning how to manage money while in high school can seem stressful. However, it is essential that students have practiced handling money in order to prepare for life. Therefore, students will learn about buying a car, renting versus buying a house, and paying for college. These three aspects are typically the first big decisions that students have to make, so they will be thankful for these lessons. Additionally, students will also learn about retirement in order to ensure they are preparing for all aspects of their future. 

Teaching Techniques

In order to keep students engaged throughout the entire course, there are tons of teaching techniques used. All of the units include complete lesson plans and an outline on the order of lessons. In addition to this, ALL needed materials and student activities are included in order to implement the lessons. This includes reading passages, projects, and tests/assessments. In order to keep lessons exciting, there are also cooperative group activities, center/stations, and games included. Thus, students will be completing different lessons each day!

Teacher Benefits 

As a secondary Social Studies teacher, I understand the frustration over the lack of resources out there. There are so many different preps and so little already made, so it can be extremely stressful to personally create new activities. Additionally, it can also be overwhelming to plan everything that needs to be in a personal finance course when it is only a semester. There is a lot of pressure in order to prepare students for their financial future! Therefore, this bundle has everything needed for teachers to implement a time-tested unit. In addition to this, all files are organized into unit folders for ease of access. After purchasing, these files also receive FREE updates! I teach this course every year and like to update my plans. Thus, anyone who purchases the bundle will receive the updates for no additional cost! Even better, email support is provided from me. So, if you have any questions after purchasing, I will be here to help guide and support. 

The Personal Finance Course is packed with real life scenarios and critical thinking skills! It will truly prepare students to have a strong financial future and be aware of each financial decision they will make. 

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