History teachers are responsible for teaching students about so many aspects. For instance, some teach the history of the world, while others teach the history of the United States. This often means history teachers experience much stress deciding how to teach lessons in ways students will remember. More importantly, they must understand how the past impacts the future since they are future leaders. One of these crucial topics is the Constitution. As a foundation document of America, it is essential students know about it. Luckily, the Constitution Lesson Plans teach students all about it in a fun way! 

constitution lesson plans

Constitution Lesson Plans 

Students will learn all about the founding document of America. There are 6 stations to scaffold students through the material. As they travel, they will critically analyze the past and interpret history. To see why stations are incredible to use, check out Stations in the High School Classroom! 

Station 1: First, start with learning about the foundational pieces—The Virginia Plan, the New Jersey Plan, and The Great Compromise. 

Table 2: Next, learning will progress to the slavery debate and the three-fifths compromise. 

Station 3: Now, students will learn about Federalists and Anti-Federalists. Specifically, this includes critical details about supporters, thoughts on the Constitution, and desired power to the states. 

Station 4: It is now time to learn about ratification and The Bill of Rights! This includes analyzing the amendments. 

constitution lesson plans

Station 5: Time to get creative! Students will use cartoons and analyze the Great Compromise deeper. 

Station 6: Lastly, students will answer document-based questions. Ultimately, this is an incredible way to incorporate primary sources and analyze famous words. 

Students may complete the stations independently or in small groups depending on your classroom. If working in a small group, students can discuss the material and support each other while analyzing the text. 

document based questions

Handouts Included 

There are worksheets within the Constitution lesson plans to ensure students focus and think critically. Also, each station includes essential questions to help students analyze the documents. 

No Prep Resource

History teachers often have multiple preps and many things to handle. So, the Constitution Lesson Plans are no prep! Teachers just need to print and spread out the stations. The activities will fill an entire 55-minute lesson. 

Save Big! 

Students will love learning about the Constitution in stations! They will be excited and eager to learn about more U.S. History. Thankfully, you can save big and buy the U.S. History Course! Students will think critically, analyze resources, and understand the United States well. Don’t forget, make sure to save big and buy the course today. 

Honestly, it is so important that students learn the information in the Constitution Lesson Plans. Ultimately, this is a crucial document in the history of the United States. It provides an excellent base for many more topics students will learn about. Thankfully, students will be eager to learn about the Constitution when working in stations! 

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