Causes of World War II Lesson


This comprehensive U.S. history resource will be all you need to teach in a fun and interactive way.

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Deepen your student’s understanding of the causes of World War II, and the complex challenges the United States encounters with this accessible and curriculum-aligned lesson! This inclusive U.S. history lesson plan provides you with all the necessary tools to lead your students through the intricacies of the World War II lesson during this historical period.


Through a range of engaging activities, note-taking exercises, and historical analysis, your students will cultivate a more profound comprehension of the great depression with this lesson. This comprehensive lesson plan sparks enthusiasm and curiosity among your students, transforming the study of the causes of World War II into an enjoyable and enriching journey!


What’s Included:

⭐ 55-minute Lesson Plan

⭐ Causes of World War II (18 slides)

⭐ Causes of World War II Handout

⭐ Atlantic Charter reading

⭐ Video Links

⭐ Teacher Answer Keys


This is a lesson in my ⭐ U.S. History Complete Course⭐! Not only will this lesson lead your students to master critical thinking skills, but it will make your life much easier. What are you waiting for? Add it to your cart to make this year a breeze. 


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