While World War II may have ended long ago, it left a resounding impact on the world. The war from 1939 to 1945 involved most countries, civilian and military resources, and world capabilities. Sadly, this also resulted in millions of fatalities. Due to how impactful this time was, students must learn about it. Thankfully, there are amazing World War II lessons to ensure students understand key aspects of the war, including the causes and turning points. While the material is intense, students will enjoy diving in with all these World War II activities. 

World War II Activities

Causes of World War II 

When completing World War II lessons, students need to understand what caused it. So, there are 18 Slides to walk students through the causes and a handout to support learning. There is even an Atlantic Charter reading, video links, a complete lesson plan, and answer keys. Students will walk away with a profound comprehension of exactly why World War II began. 

Turning Points of World War II 

When completing World War II activities, it is crucial students understand turning points. This includes battles and invasions that significantly impacted civilians. So, this lesson provides everything students need. There are handouts, videos, and jigsaw summaries. Students will be sure to understand monumental events after completing this lesson. 

Key Turning Points in World War II

US Homefront during World War II

During 1939 and 1945, the United States had to adapt significantly. Since many men were away fighting in war, lives drastically changed. So, it is vital students learn how the US had to adjust during World War II lessons. This includes the role of women, the experiences of African Americans, rationing, Japanese-Americans, and advertisements. Students will learn all of this information through engaging stations. 

End of World War II 

Thankfully, World War II finally came to an end. Students will learn how this happened, the role of the United Stations, and the decision to drop the atomic bomb. Additionally, students will learn about the Holocaust and how nations figured out the atrocities happening inside the camps. 

WWII Lessons

WW II and Cold War Unit 

The world has undergone so many significant events. To ensure students understand how the past impacts the present, they need to have interactive lessons. They need to think deeply about the past and apply their critical thinking skills. Thankfully, this unit does exactly that! It includes 21 days of lesson plans filled with student-led lessons. This includes group activities, stations, reading passages, games, videos, and assessments. Students will love discussing, thinking, and interacting in every lesson. 

World War II Activities

World War II left a lasting impact on the entire world. So, it is imperative that students complete World War II activities to understand the profound impact it had. Thankfully, these World War II lessons ensure students learn all about this historical period in history. 

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