Sociology is often a student-favorite course. Classes love to learn about social experiences and relationships. Part of this understanding is rooted in sociological theories. Since there are multiple to learn, it can be hard to keep everything straight. Thankfully, the Sociology Theory Project is the perfect way for students to analyze each theory! Best of all, they will take charge of their learning and apply their knowledge to different tasks! 

sociology theory project

Sociology Theory Project 

This comprehensive social theories bundle includes 8 days of a highly engaging project! 

The Social Theory Project includes the following perspectives: functionalist, conflict, feminist, and symbolic interactionist.  Students will go well beyond surface-level information with this project. Specifically, they will focus on what the theory means, the person behind it, and its history/origin. Students will also analyze how people view society from each perspective and provide examples to prove their responses. Furthermore, students will look into criticism of the theory and why people doubt it. To prove they can apply the perspective to society, they will find a cartoon or video clip that displays the theory’s premise. Lastly, students will have a bibliography to ensure they use credible sources. 

While students love to be social, they need to stand back and observe social interactions. This observation is a great way to explore the different perspectives and how they impact people. Thus, students will watch Freaks and Geeks to explore the different perspectives in action. Students love to discuss their findings with each other! 

Extension Activities 

After students learn about a topic, it is crucial to see how they apply it to different situations. Thankfully, the Sociology Theory Project has extension and review activities. For instance, they will look at other theories and apply them to social situations, such as divorce and sports. Students will then analyze which theory they feel describes significant changes in society. There are even review activities to ensure students understand the theories.

Easy Grading 

Teachers spend so much time grading! Between creating rubrics and going through every assignment, grading is exhausting. Thankfully, the Sociology Theory Project includes multiple rubrics for the different activities. This means you can focus on your students and their learning instead of getting caught up on grading. 

Teacher Benefits 

Whenever purchasing my resources, there are many added benefits. One of the most important ones involves all of the FREE updates. This is needed as learning strategies evolve each year. 

Additionally, I know how stressed teachers are. There are so many challenges to handle each day and little time to get everything done. Therefore, lesson plans are ready to go. Additionally, all of the materials are pre-organized into folders. This means you will not have to spend time searching for what you need. 

Honestly, looking into how people interact with each other is fascinating. However, students may not realize the theories behind interactions before taking Sociology. Thankfully, the Sociology Theory Project will help students learn there are specific reasons people act and behave as they do. Students will have a blast analyzing the different perspectives! 

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