Stations in the High School Classroom

If someone was to walk into an elementary classroom, they may see students working with crayons, scissors, and glue. If someone was to walk into a middle school classroom, they may see students working in small groups sharing different ideas. In both of these grade bands, students are having fun while learning the content. However, if someone was to walk into a high school classroom, they may see students sitting in rows of desks. Additionally, students may be on some type of device while also checking their phones. However, this is not how high school classes should look just because students are older and can work independently. Instead, students should still be having fun! Thus, stations in the high school classroom are the ideal way to encourage critical thinking! 

Benefits of Station Implementation in the High School 

Between ACT/SAT testing and preparing students for college or careers, teaching high school can be overwhelming. While there is so much to handle each year, students still deserve to have fun! Therefore, stations help ensure students are excited for class even if they are counting down years/days until graduation. 

Reduced Anxiety 

No matter where you live, students are having more mental health struggles than ever. For example, students may feel an intense amount of pressure to earn straight A’s. Additionally, they may be under pressure to perform in an athletic arena. Due to this, students need and deserve lessons that help them learn content in appropriate ways. Specifically, stations help chunk information into meaningful stations and activities. Therefore, students will not get too overwhelmed learning an entire topic at once. 


It is important to remember that even though high school students may be driving and dating, they are still students. Thus, they are still learning new information and taking a variety of assessments. Thankfully, with stations, lessons are scaffolded and help guide students through complex content. Truly, students will be able to learn information on a deeper level as they move from station to station. 

Engaged Learners

High school teachers know that this age group can be really tough to interact with during lessons. Even if students like the teacher and lesson, they do not want to bring attention to their academic interest. Hence, stations are incredibly helpful at allowing students to express their excitement. In a station, students are working independently or with a small group. Therefore, they will feel more comfortable expressing their thoughts and eagerness to learn. 

History Stations Students will Love

Once students try stations the first time, they will love them! Due to this level of engagement, students are going to ask for them each week. However, high school teachers have multiple preps, so planning them would be very time-consuming. Thankfully, there are incredible stations ready-to-go! 

Articles of Confederation Stations

Students will learn all about the Article of Confederation in these ready-to-print stations! Each station is designed to help students think critically about analyzing the past and interpreting history. Students will love getting out of their seats while learning such an important topic. 

Constitution Stations

Students may not understand why it is important to learn about the founding behind the Constitution. However, these stations will help students understand how the past greatly helps determine the future. Thus, they will be grateful the founding fathers worked so hard to help Americans gain fights. Students will completely forget to count down to the end of class while completing these ready-to-print stations! 

George Washington Stations

As the first U.S. president, George Washington set the bar high. He exemplified leadership, responsibility, and respect through his two terms. In these ready-to-print stations, students will move around the class to learn about the first president. Between understanding decisions to the stress behind being the first president, students will gain respect for all presidents. 

US Homefront During World War II Stations

The United States went through major changes during World War II. In order to learn about the US homefront during this time, students will move around the room to several stations. Students will work on critical thinking skills while being so grateful for the world they are blessed to live in. These ready-to-print stations will truly help students understand how much a country changes during war. 

While many high school students act like they no longer need help and cannot wait to graduate, a part of them still loves school. It creates a sense of routine and comfort before they enter a world of unknowns. Therefore, they deserve creative lessons that encourage them to think deeply. Ultimately, stations are the perfect way to incorporate engagement, creativity, and inquiry into hands-on lessons. 

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