As students get older, they often want to know about everything. Honestly, many will even act like they know all the content when they do not. However, teachers understand this and work to include review lessons to help students know everything they need. That is exactly why the AP Government Review will be so helpful! Students will complete an amazing review to ensure they actually understand the material. 

AP Government Review 

This 11-page review sheet is the perfect way to ensure students have a solid understanding of AP Government. Luckily, works for any review book since it covers essential topics. Teachers can take back their planning time since everything is ready to go. There is even an answer key provided. 

AP government review

AP Government Review Included Topics 

Any AP class is tough! Students need a strong review since they learn so many topics throughout the course. Thankfully, the AP Government Review covers everything students need. 

Constitutional Foundations

Students will review so many topics on this page! This includes principles of the constitution and weaknesses and strengths of the Articles of Confederation. Additionally, students will review the constitutional convention and theories of a democratic government. 


This can be a tough topic for AP government students to understand. So, this page provides a thorough review. Students will recall what they know about fiscal federalism and the basis of federalism. There are even court cases for students to review. 

Political Culture

The AP Government Review will review democratic values and political ideology. They will review several terms and concepts to ensure they know all about political culture. 

Political Parties

This page will ensure students understand how the rise of political parties occurred. They will review important terms, impactful events, and what the future of political parties looks like. 

Voting and Election

It is imperative students understand the importance of voting! Thankfully, this page has important terms, reasons for low voter turnout, and different types of elections. They will even review how the presidential election works. 

Interest Groups

Honestly, interest groups play a huge role in government. However, AP government students do not always see this. Thankfully, this page ensures students review terms, strategies, and how media impacts interest groups. 

Branches of Government

There is one review page for each branch of government. Each page reviews important terms, how the branch works, leadership, and powers under the branch. 

Civil Liberties and Rights

Students will be thankful to understand all about civil liberties. This page helps them review rights versus liberties, terms, and clauses. 

AP government review

Public Policy

Students will feel confident in their knowledge about policy-making after this review page! Furthermore, they will review foreign defense and domestic policy. 

Honestly, the AP Government Review is an incredible way for students to feel confident in their knowledge. No matter which assessment they need to take, this review will ensure they are ready for it. Even if there is no assessment, students can take a deep breath after realizing how much they have learned from the AP Government Review.

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