How to Make your Life Easier with an AP Government Course

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Whether you’re a veteran AP Government teacher or it’s your first year, you may become frustrated with what to teach or where to go. I’ve been there and I totally understand.

Such a complex topic that is expected to earn students college credit can be a daunting task to teach. This is why I’ve made my entire AP Government course available for you!

Before I get into the specifics, I want to tell you why you should take a look to purchase this course. I promise that it’s worth your hard-earned resources for several reasons:

  • 88% pass rate
  • 3.85 average score
  • Files are organized for easy access
  • Lesson pacing guide
  • Email support from me
  • Free and frequent updates
  • Experienced teacher-made lessons
  • Accessible digitally through Google apps

AP Government Units

AP Government schedule

This full-year course includes 9 units:

⇒ Constitutional American Foundations ⇒ Political Ideology and Beliefs ⇒ Political Participation ⇒ The Legislative Branch and the Congress ⇒ The Executive Branch and the Presidency ⇒ The Bureaucracy Unit ⇒ The Judicial Branch Unit ⇒ The Civil Liberties and Civil Rights Unit ⇒ Exam Review ⇒ Course Exams

Each of these units contains assessments, activities, stations, project-based learning, critical thinking assignments, and more. For brevity purposes, I want to highlight one unit.

Political Ideologies and Beliefs Unit

Students start by analyzing Tocqueville’s America quotes. This gets students on the path of thinking critically about the political beliefs in the United States.

In lessons 2 and 3, students learn about political socialization and how public opinion works. Powerpoints and notes are provided.

Lesson 4 focuses on voting, including who votes and why. Everything you need to teach this is located in the lesson 4 folder!

Lessons 6 and 7 focus on the media and how it influences voters and society. They think critically about these effects and “fake news.” It is heavily reliant on current events, as well!

Complete lesson plans and assessments are included!

AP Government Vocabulary

This course has a complete vocabulary list of essential terms from the AP test. There are 300 words included. I usually hand the words out to students at the beginning of the year so they have them at all times.

Current Events

Like stated above, this course focuses heavily on current events. Students must present a current event assignment every Friday. A rubric is provided, along with the weekly current event handout.

Students must choose an article, summarize the article, and then connect it to class. This requires critical thinking and the ability to analyze articles and current events.


A hands-on approach is included in this course with stations! Students get up and moving as they go to stations on particular themes/topics. The stations include:

  • Articles of Confederation
  • Congress
  • Electoral College
  • Interest Groups
  • Political Parties
  • Constitution

Students love completing station activities. It gives you, as the teacher, a chance to guide and use formative assessments, as well. Want to learn more about stations read this previous post?


AP Government project

There are several projects involved in this course.

Two of the projects included are a civic engagement project where students must complete a civic action, such as attend a government meeting.

The next project involves a government research project with a final paper. Both of these projects require critical thinking and action needed from your students.

4 Weeks of Review

This course also includes a complete review of the AP Government Test! This has been invaluable to me and many other teachers. I feel that it completely readies the students for the test!

There are 4 weeks of the review included! This gives you plenty of time to make sure students are ready.

Feedback from Teachers Like You

This source was invaluable to me as a first year AP teacher. I especially appreciated the calendar the seller set up of what she uses each day.

Christiann M.

I am so grateful this resource! This is my first year teaching AP GOV and I absolutely feel like I’m drowning. I wish I would have bought this at the beginning of the year!

Stephanie B.

An overall great curriculum for a first time AP Gov’t teacher. Thorough and challenging as well.

James M.

Is there anything else you would like to see in an AP Government course, or any questions you have? Comment below and I will get back to you ASAP!

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