If you ask students about their favorite history course, many will say government. Honestly, there is something so exciting about analyzing essential topics that play an important role in how our political system works. While this aspect is great, it also means teachers need creative activities that allow students to explore information deeply. For instance, teachers can have students research different interest groups when creating an interest group lesson plan. Then, they can incorporate class discussion and collaboration. Thankfully, there are many fun, hands-on projects ready to go! 

interest group lesson plan

Interest Group Websearch 

High school students should be in charge of their learning. While teachers can guide what they learn about, they are old enough to explore and develop their interests. So, this fantastic two-page interest group websearch does precisely this! Students will explore a website to research all about PAC support. There are many thought-provoking questions to ensure students have an open mindset when exploring this topic. Honestly, this is the perfect activity to develop an amazing discussion on lobbying, electioneering, litigation, and appealing to the public. 

Interest Group Research Projects

These projects will quickly become a student favorite! They are standard-aligned, hands-on, and super engaging! So, they are the perfect resource for interest group lesson plans each year. 

The Interest Group Tissue Box project allows students to take charge of their research. They will learn everything they can about an interest group of their choice. Of course, there are guides to help! This includes step-by-step instructions and rubrics for simple grading. After researching an interest group, students will create an advertisement using a tissue box. 

Students will now be ready for the Interest Group Speed Dating Project! Instead of looking for a date, they will look for another interest group with similar goals. So, they will pretend to be a leader of an American interest group and create a resume based on research. After everyone is ready, they will begin “speed dating” and see who they can match up with! Students will have a blast with this project. 

interest group lesson plans

Government Projects Bundle 

Students love working on projects because they express their creativity while exploring the content deeper. Thankfully, this bundle contains 12 editable activities to explore essential government topics. This includes civil rights, the federal crisis, registering to vote, interest groups, and presidential roles. Students will become fascinated with the government while working on these projects!

AP Courses

If you teach an AP Government Course, you know the added pressure. Trying to plan engaging activities while preparing students for an essential test is exhausting. So, check out How to Make Your Life Easier with an AP Government Course! It provides great teaching tips, tricks, and activities to make the class enjoyable for you and the students. It even highlights some of the fantastic aspects of the AP US Government Course. With the help of these resources, students will love engaging in thoughtful conversations regarding government topics. 

Engagement is vital whether working on an interest group lesson plan or another government topic. Students who are already fascinated with government structures will love learning more. Additionally, students who may not have a strong interest will find these projects and activities fascinating and engaging. Before you know it, you will have a class full of students who look forward to class each day! 

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