Honestly, there are so many topics to teach in any history course. While students are naturally engaged in some, others require more planning to hook them in. Thankfully, that is not the case when teaching the Cold War! Students are also so eager to learn about the rivalry and hostility between the U.S. and the Soviet Union. There is such a fascination when learning how these two competed for political, economic, and ideological superiority. Thankfully, there are many excellent resources and materials to ensure students deepen their understanding! 

teaching the cold war

Cold War at Home Lesson 

When students learn about a war, lessons often focus on its location. Students learn who was involved, where it was, and the impact of the people living there. However, it is equally important to learn about the home locations of the soldiers fighting. Changes always occur whenever a country is involved in a war. Thankfully, this lesson ensures students understand the Cold War at home! 

Specifically, students will explore the complex challenges that the United States encountered during the war. They will do this through engaging activities, note-taking exercises, activities, and a historical analysis. 

Students will love traveling on this enjoyable and enriching journey while understanding the impact of the Cold War at home.  

President Kennedy Stations 

President Kennedy had to make really tough decisions during the Cold War. So, there is a lot of important information for students to learn about his choices. Luckily, this lesson has everything you need when teaching the Cold War. 

Specifically, there are 6 stations for students to rotate to. Students will learn about the New Frontier, the Bay of the Pigs invasion, the Berlin Wall, and more while moving around the room. They will love the notes, handouts, and graphic organizers. 

The Cold War Lesson 

When teaching the Cold War, it is important for students to learn about the countries involved. So, this lesson will be sure to deepen student’s understanding of the hot spots. This includes Vietnam, Korea, and Germany. Additionally, students will learn about the complex challenges the United States encountered. 

There are so many engaging activities, note-taking exercises, interactive maps, and a historical analysis. These materials will spark students’ enthusiasm and curiosity as they travel back in time to the Cold War.

World War II and Cold War Test 

While focusing on data is not super exciting, it is crucial to ensuring students understand the material. Thankfully, you won’t have to spend hours creating an assessment! This test includes multiple choice, short answer, and vocabulary questions. It is entirely print-and-go and even includes an answer key! 

Teaching the Cold War requires a complex set of materials. Students need to learn about the countries involved, the reasons for it, and life back home. Thankfully, these fantastic materials include everything students need! All of the activities will spark their engagement, expand their curiosity, and enlighten their thinking! 

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